Welcome to Io Data

Who we are...

Io Data is an independent market research firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Io Data has developed the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) program to measure the satisfaction of our clients' services. Io Data has been collecting feedback for our clients over many industries for over 22 years. During that time, Io Data has provided our clients with the feeback of literally millions of their customers.

Your feedback provides valuable information, which is used by our clients to measure their performance and make improvements. However, for your privacy, we do not send your individual feedback/information to the client, unless you specifically request that we do so.

Your personal information, if provided, is secure. E-mail communication with Io Data is secure, and your e-mail information is not related to the links on this page or to the Io Data Website. Your feedback is kept separate from your email address, and your feedback is not posted anywhere online.

Additionally, Io Data only uses your information to provide feedback.

How does it work?

Io Data has developed an online system to capture customer feedback for our clients. This portal is a way to leave feedback about a recent service experience you have had. Think of it as a customer comment card in the sky. If you recevied an email invitation to participate in an online survey, but may not have completed it in a given amount of time, you can use this portal to leave feedback.